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is a new non-woven material that is purely made out of cotton. It possesses antibacterial properties and responses to human skin & moisture by changing its shape from flat to bent and back along two perpendicular axes. The material gets 70% stronger and transparent in the water. It proposes the idea of a living garment, interactive material futures and new body-material scenarios where fabrics actually live and transform with a body as well as solving the fast fashion problem of textile pollution. It is a first step to soft natural 3D printed materials.

The method of creation is based on principle of molecular tailoring where recycled cotton fabrics were dissolved to a liquid and by the controlled modification of molecular structure new properties were introduced. This bespoke method offers designing new material properties depending on additional atoms.

This unique design approach allows go beyond 1D and 2D limitations of woven textiles to 3D and 4D non-woven surfaces where the time-space dimension has a great influence on a material.