FUTURE BESPOKE: 4D materials and surfaces

Imagine the world of tomorrow. What are the distinctive attributes and features of the 21st century materials?  Is it response to touch or light? Can we tailor a material?

As a material alchemist I challenge traditional material vision and extend material frontiers to the unseen level.  I designs a material property by introducing time as the 4th dimension where changes occur instantaneously and are an integral part of material characteristics.

Imagine the world without known textile industry. What fabrics and materials can we create using innovative methods and techniques available to us today? Is it possible to reinvent textiles by means of modern technologies? Can these future materials give a new life to the fashion industry and meet the needs of humanity like sustainability?

How would these surfaces behave in a relation to a human body? Can we make something being able to live and to change on and with a body?

When i create my material I think a few decades ahead. Would these textiles still be in necessity fifty years into the future? What materials would best suit the air and temperature? Will I be making apparels for a colony on Mars? Creating something new yet essential is my mission.