This new biological material has been synthesised from chicken egg shell membrane. Clinical studies show similarity between membrane's proteins and human ones.

Due to it’s protective and healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties egg membrane cures wounds within several hours.

Extracted egg membrane can be kept in it's original raw condition in a water solution or can be dryed. 

Egg membrane is very similar to placenta due to it’s qualities. It contains collagen - the natural source of the eternal youth. Within clinical studies has been found out membrane improves wrinkles and tights pores. 

Collagen-like proteins appear to be the primary structural proteins of the eggshell membranes based on the hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine, desmosine and isodesmosine content of acid hydrolysates.3J3-l8 Immunohistochemical studies have confirmed the presence of predominant type I collagen in the outer membrane and type V collagen in the inner membrane, both seem to be embedded in a proteoglycan-like material. 19 Because other collagens have been suggested to play a controlling role in the process of mineral deposition,20-*6 we undertook an immunohistochemical analysis of the eggshell membranes and document the presence of type X collagen and its relation with type I collagen. 

Wet membrane is semitransparent and has a very high adhesive properties so it sticks to the skin very well. While it dries the colour changes from transparent to egg-white. There is a visual improvment already after the first appication. 

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