At the intersection of physical | digital | chemistry

by means of creative coding .

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Innovative approach to printed textiles.

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material alchemy

Organic synthesis of natural materials for 3D printing and Digital Industries.

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Materialisation of digital forms into some solid shapes.

That which presists is called matter.

That which changes is called form.

There is only one ultimate matter which

could take an infinite number of forms.



Imagine the world of tomorrow. What are the distinctive attributes and features of the 21st-century materials? Is it a response to touch or light? Can we tailor a material? 
As a material alchemist Anna challenges traditional material vision and extends material frontiers to the unseen level. She designs a material property by introducing time as the 4th dimension where changes occur instantaneously and are an integral part of material characteristics.
LIVING COTTON is a new non-woven material that is purely made out of cotton. It possesses antibacterial properties and responses to human skin & moisture by changing its shape from flat to bent and back along two perpendicular axes and gets completely transparent in the water. Anna proposes the idea of a living garment and interactive material futures. 
Her method is based on principle of molecular tailoring where she dissolve recycled fabrics to a liquid and by the controlled modification of molecular structure introduce new properties. It allows her to design new material properties depending on additional atoms. This method aims to perfect certain natural materials in order to create Semi-synthetic wireless non-woven interactive surfaces.

This unique design approach allows go beyond 1D and 2D limitations of woven textiles to 3D and 4D non-woven surfaces where the time-space dimension has a great influence on a material. She proposes to design new body-material relationships and scenarios where fabrics actually live and transform with a body as well as solving the fast fashion problem of textile pollution and offering new soft natural materials suitable for 3D printing industry.


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The 3D sequin design research based on shark skin cell formation


The goal was to create a unique 3D sequin item able to form complex patterns that surve protective function along with appealing aerodynamic shape. 

Th Future Fur concept. Air in between sequins and inside of them creates the volume of body heat provecting from cold environment.  

Made in sylicon or latex it becomes a perfect shockproof and soundproof material able to withstand multiple impacts without deformation after a dynamic load.


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Is it possible to reinvent textiles by means of modern technologies? What fabrics and materials can we make using innovative methods and techniques avaliable to us today?
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