Anna Neklesa is a London based designer who creates unconvetional projects for the most sophisticated tastes.

All the designs and images are the subject of copyright of Anna Neklesa Ⓒ

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Exquisite collection of finest textiles: screen printed silks, embellished nylon  and contemporary jacquard fitting for both catwalk and high street.

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Interior Architecture of residential and public spaces. Private practice and expertise.

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Fine fashion accessories and interior decoration hand or digitally crafted, 3d printed in ceramic or high quality resin, hand dyed or screen printed. 

The 3D sequin design research based on shark skin cell formation


The goal was to create a unique 3D sequin item able to form complex patterns that surve protective function along with appealing aerodynamic shape. 

Th Future Fur concept. Air in between sequins and inside of them creates the volume of body heat provecting from cold environment.  

Made in sylicon or latex it becomes a perfect shockproof and soundproof material able to withstand multiple impacts without deformation after a dynamic load.


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Is it possible to reinvent textiles by means of modern technologies? What fabrics and materials can we make using innovative methods and techniques avaliable to us today?
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